Friday, May 24, 2019
Case Studies

We have a successful track record of helping our customers implement their mobile applications for both public and in-house use. The following are case studies of selected mobile systems deployed by us.

Case Study 1: Cadi.Sense Mobile Application

Cadi.Sense is an electronic health booklet developed for parents to keep track of their child' health and other vital information. The application was developed for both Android and iOS devices.

The key features of Cadi.Sense are as follows:

Hassle free
A standard list of recommended vaccination dates will be automatically created according to the child's age. Parents can easily update the given dates once the actual dates of the appointments have been confirmed. 

Automatic Vaccination and Medical Appointment Reminders
Cadi.Sense comes with a simple and useful reminder tool that helps to alert the parents when their child's next appointment is due! The appointment reminder function allows parent to add medical appointments easily and organize each one orderly according to the profile of each child. 

Record key milestones and memories
Cadi.Sense can be used to add a milestone of the child with a picture and a description, and organize the milestone neatly as a journal in child's profile. The parent can also share those sweet memories with friends via Facebook. 

Automatic fever management
When used together with the Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer, the Cadi.Sense app also becomes a fever management tool. After setting up the Cadi.Sense Wireless thermometer at home, the parent will be able to use the app to view the child’s current temperature and create a new medical record with any description of the child, doctor's comments and medication given, stored with a temperature chart anytime they fall ill. An accurate temperature trend can be properly kept and shown to the doctor so that he can better understand the child's current condition for a better diagnosis and treatment.

Sample Screen Shots:

Case Study 2: Web File System

The Web File System (WFS) is an online file system similar to DropBox or other online storage. What makes it different is that this application is designed for corporate use and it controls who can access the files via an iPad application. The company sales person uses the iPad application to present to customers the latest products of the company. The application frees the sales user from having to manually copy all the sales kit documents to their notebook for the presentation. It also eliminates file version inconsistency within the users in the company.

The backend system of the WFS allows the administrator to easily upload the sales kit documents to the server which will be pushed down to individual sales person's iPad. The backend system will auto generate the thumbnail for all documents uploaded to the server so that the sales person can identify the document just by a glance. For security reasons, the administrator can set whether the sales person has the capability to export or print the document. This prevents any unauthorized distribution of the sales kit documents.

Sample Screen Shots:

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