Friday, May 24, 2019
About Us

Started as a system integrator in 2001, Justnice.Net has evolved into a mobile platform specialist. We focus on helping our customers to be mobile enabled by bringing their legacy desktop applications to mobile devices. We have in-depth knowledge in mobile systems development covering server end to front end systems (e.g. Android and iOS). At Justnice.Net, we strongly believe that mobility will change the way we work and improve productivity.

At Justnice.Net, our expertise is in building customized software that communicates with other legacy systems. We believe that there are no ready made products that can cover 100% of your organization's functional requirements. We are committed to building fully customized software solutions based on our existing platform that can fulfill your organization needs.

Mobile platform solutions can provide your business with an additional channel to reach out to both existing and potential customers. At Justnice.Net, we  aim to deliver cost-effective and green solutions that can help your organization to enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, and increase direct and interactive marketing reach, thereby boosting business revenues.

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